About Us
Welcome to BG Photography!

It all began 50 years ago when I published my first photograph in a Boy Scout newspaper. Since then, I have
always had a love for photography, and I was fortunate enough to publish more photographs in various
magazines and newspapers.  

Twenty  years ago I moved from the former Soviet Union to the United States. In memento of my career I
brought my first SLR camera “Zenit.” The first man in space, Yuri Gagarin, used this same brand of camera
to take pictures in outer space. A lot technological advancements have been made since that day, and today
I use the most up-to-date photographic equipment.

In the past I’ve taken all sorts of photographs some of which include, commercial advertising, children’s
portraits, senior pictures, and much more. However, six  years ago I’ve devoted most of my time to wedding
photography. I enjoy wedding photography most, because this is one of the single most beautiful and
significant events in our lifetime. In addition to formal pictures, I love to take photographs in a
photojournalistic style because it reflects the reality of events that take place.

Your wedding day should be as stress free as possible, and with BG Photography you have one less thing to
worry about. We understand that every wedding is different which is why you can count on us to capture
those moments that are unique to your wedding day. After all, your wedding day should be a day filled with
joy and everlasting memories which you can look back upon and share with your grandchildren.

Best regards,
Boris Gelfond
BG Photography