We planned our wedding in a short period of time (8 weeks!) and really had to work hard to make everything come together.  We
interviewed a number of photographers and Boris was the only one capable of providing us with a unique package deal and the
respect and professionalism a bride and groom deserve on their wedding day.  A lot of photographers have limited package deals
and refuse to shoot outside the allotted time, but Boris was our personal photographer for a day and captured every image from the
bride getting ready to well after the garter toss.  Because of his flexibility and positive attitude on the big day, everyone involved was
able to relax and focus on enjoying the occasion.  The quality of the photography was a detail no one had to worry about.  Boris is a
true professional in every sense of the word, exceeded our expectations and made our wedding memories truly magical.  Thank you
for giving us beautiful and creative mementos to reflect upon our special day for years to come!

Thanks again,
Mindy & Kevin Ihrke
I know that you have heard this time and time again, but you truly have a gift! Your pictures are
beautiful and also artistic. Everyone complements us on our wedding albums, and every time we
look at our pictures we can relive all the happiness and joy that was felt on our wedding day. This
was made possible with your creative ability to capture every important event and emotion. The
DVDs were fantastic as well and bring tears to our eyes every times we watch them. Thank you so
much for providing us with so many memories of our wedding day that we can share with others for
many years to come!

Debbie and Dustin Steim
For our wedding, we did not want to see each other before the ceremony.  
This makes picture-taking much more difficult, especially because our
wedding did not begin until 7pm.  Boris worked with us to come up with a
schedule that worked for everyone, got us to the reception quickly and
allowed us to follow tradition.  Our wedding day was even more special
because of Boris' hard work.

Courtney Davis
Don and I want to thank Boris and Rocky for being such a wonderful
asset to our wedding!  The pictures were all so great!  
Boris and Rocky are very professional and their work speaks for
itself. I would also highly recommend that any couple get
a video of their wedding.  Rocky did a superb job of making our
wedding and reception forever permanent with a video.  
The professionalism and wonderful personalities of both Boris and
Rocky makes your choice of a photographer and videographer very
easy!  Don't look any farther, as this group should be your pick!!!!
Thanks again!

Jonna & Don Radtke
"We love the photos!  Your creativity shines through each and every
picture and goes well beyond other photographers.  The photos remind
us what a great day it was.  We appreciate you spending the day with
us; you endured the entire afternoon and evening in order to make sure
all of the important events and angles were covered.  You were always
at the right place at the right time to capture the photos that told our
story on that day.  Thank you for being such an integral part of our
special day.  We look forward to working with you again in the future."

Kristen & Chris Emmerth
Wow!  Boris took pictures that were so unique!  He took
a step out of the traditional wedding photographer's role
and truly took photos that captured the magic of the day.  
He had very many original ideas and took a ton of
pictures for us to choose from!  His photos captured
many of the moments of our wedding that we missed
because so many things were happening at once.  The
pictures that Boris took truly told the story of our special

Haley Ohl
When love and skill work together expect a masterpiece.
BG Photography
Review of the onewed.com
How did the wedding photographer avoid disrupting the day? Great with candids? Action shots? Portraits?
The only time I noticed Boris around was when we were doing the staged photos at the church. All of our attendants
had a blast with him as well, as the photographer, which made staged photos go smoothly and quickly. He had plenty
of good ideas for staged photos, action shots, and listened whenever anyone else recommended a pose.
What was included in your wedding photo package? Albums? DVDs? Engagement pics? Two photographers?
We had already shot our engagement photos before we met Boris, but we wish we would have had the entire
package with him. We ended up ordering the 10 x 10 leather album with pages all designed by Boris and it turned out
beautiful! In addition, we purchased a few 5 x 7 photos to put inside frames around our home. The best part was the
CD provided by Boris, which contained nearly 1300 photos on it to choose from. He captured every moment of the
day, and it was extremely hard to pick out photos since there were so many good shots captured.
How did the photographer make you and family comfortable?
I think it was just his personality that made everyone comfortable. You can tell that he enjoys what he is doing. He
does it well and that results in making everyone comfortable. We also had lots of comments from guests stating that
our photographer was very friendly.

Sara James Kurovski